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Poisonous boys with bald heads dry their

Опубликовано: 2019-05-15 23:21:26
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Poisonous boys with bald heads dry their nostrils;
Poisonous boys with sly eyes die young on Friday and resurrect on Sunday;
Poisonous boys take communion of the mysteries of those dirty backstreets in white noise of broken TVs - a symbol of freedom;

Look around and see:
Panel blocks are Kunst cameras; panel block\'s windows are arrowslits;
And their walls are bleeding tags and mixtures advertisings;

Art stores are gun shops; if you\'re in avantgarde, arm yourself to the teeth; go ahead
And be ready to defend /yourself/;
You should always have Molotov /in your pocket/ - to express a civil position on the glass of bus stops and lifeless concrete;
Exhale Russian longing and inhale Russian death;

And when white lines lead to nowhere - remember: a path to God is inscrutable; and when you move to nowhere, remember: God moves in mysterious ways;

/They say that the path to God is through suffering, and the marks of injections on their arms turns into stigmatas -

Holy the hideous human angels!/

Look around and see:
Cranes are industrial crucifixes;
Basements are industrial temples;
See: Scriptures are being censored, so how to be saved on Last Judgment?
Bell ringing is covered by interferences, so for whom the bell tolls?

/Art will lead us out of the dark, but can we ever become what we need?/

Decadence burns, falling into the throat;
Cold streets and gray slush;
Poisonous boys;
Poisoned boys;
Decadence is burning, passing through the veins -
You look for an antidote;
You look for a Dealer;
You look for the Devil who buys souls on the streets;

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